Customer Comments

  • "My interaction with Kevin Martin this morning is one of the many reasons that Athens Tractor is successful and why I continue to do business with them." B.A., Athens
  • "Superb staff!"  T.M, Ben Wheeler
  • "Athens Tractor does a great job in customer service."  P.M, Dallas
  • "Y'all are # 1 in my book; everyone up there has always tried to help me with any little issues I might have had."  T.S., LaRue 
  • My new Kubota Z431KWT-60 I purchased in April is wonderful...amazing.  R.F., Gun Barrel City
  • When B.S. was asked about his newly purchased Kubota SVL95, he described it this way:  "That thing is a beast!"
  • When A.B., Athens was asked how Athens Tractor could improve his Sales Delivery experience, he answered, "Nothing.  Everything was flawless." 
  • "Athens Tractor is the best dealership out of three that I have purchased equipment from."  J.B., Athens
  • "You guys went above & beyond the call of duty to help me.  I shopped the other two tractor stores in town and they acted like they didn't care about doing business with me or they didn't have the equipment that I wanted.  You have a great team." O.W. Athens 
  • "Thank you for the courteous and professional help provided by your staff."  P.O., Brownsboro
  • I could not be happier with my new Kubota. So yeah, I think my tractor's sexy. Save a horse, ride a Kubota. C.S.
  • We had a John Deere prior; if we need a bigger mower, trust me, it will definitely be a Kubota!  M.H., Murchison  
  • "I urged a friend to buy a John Deere.  Now his is broken and I charge him beer to mow his yard.  Yaaaay!  I win!  Kubotas are awesome, y'all.  I love mine."  A.S., LaRue
  • "Just a note to let you know that you were 100% correct … how did I get along without the RTV (RTV1140)?  Thanks for the recommendation!" S.S., Kerens
  • "My Kubota BX works great.  I love it.  I've sent friends to you and they've bought mowers."  D.L., Gun Barrel City
  • "I've never had any equipment that I am prouder of than my Vermeer wheel rake and trailed disc mower. I'm tickled to death with them.
    --S.G., Eustace
  • "I love my Kubota (GR2100)! My kids tease me because I call it my 'Cadillac!' It's so awesome; my husband has to ask permission to use it."
    --V.O., Mineola

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